How it Works

For children aged birth to 3:

For every 10 books read with a parent or guardian, the child earns a rubber duck, up to ten duckies. There are many kinds of duckies so it’s a lot of fun! You can submit your reading logs here! Each ducky earned is an entry for one of the main Summer Reading Prizes for the age group.

For children aged 4-18

The kids will complete tasks to earn badges. Read the instructions on the tasks, as some will require the kids to finish all of the tasks, and others will only ask for them to pick a few. Watch Facebook for updates, as well, because we’ll be spacing things out a bit in the interest of keeping things going for the whole summer. For example, one of the tasks in “Chalk Challenger” will be to complete the painted course on the sidewalk around the library, but this won’t be available right away. Additionally, things like the Waldo Hunt will get easier as the summer goes on, as more community members will have Waldos!

We will also be posting regular idea videos for the STEAM items, so be on the look out for them!

You can submit your badge activity here!

A note regarding reading requirements: We’ve set them, essentially, at 15 minutes a day for children 4-7, 20 minutes a day for children 8-12 and 30 minutes a day for teens aged 13-18. We think this is more than doable with the library doing curbside delivery, but if you don’t feel like your child can accomplish this for whatever reason–more limited library library access, developmental or reading delays, or any other concern, don’t hesitate to reach out. Additionally, considering the current uncertain situation, if another regional or state-wide stay-at-home order were to restrict library available, we would take another look at the requirements.

Also, while the challenges are on the honor system, we would love to have photos and videos of your kiddos reading and completing the challenges. You can message them to the Library’s Facebook page, or email