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  1. Summer Reader
    1. Sign Up for the Summer Reading Program 2020
  2. Reading – Seed
    1. 4-7 year olds – 105 minutes
    2. 8-12 year olds – 140 minutes
    3. 12-18 year olds – 210 minutes
  3. Reading – Sapling
    1. Must complete Reading – Seed first!
    2. 4-7 year olds – 105 minutes
    3. 8-12 year olds – 140 minutes
    4. 12-18 year olds – 210 minutes
  4. Reading – Tree
    1. Must complete Reading – Sapling first!
    2. 4-7 year olds – 105 minutes
    3. 8-12 year olds – 140 minutes
    4. 12-18 year olds – 210 minutes
  5. Storywalk
    1. Participate in the story walk in the windows of our library–stay tuned!
  6. Virtual Storytimes (do two!)
    1. Watch 5 VIP story times!
    2. (for 4-7 year olds) watch 5 Friday storytimes!
    3. (for 8+) Watch Amanda and Nicole’s Tuesday/Thursday chapter book reading–StarGirl is complete and we’re reading Charlotte’s Web right now! 
  7. Where’s Waldo?
    1. Go for a walk and find 10 Waldos in the windows of our community!
  8. Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? (Pick three!)
    1. Learn how to count to 10 in 3 languages
    2. Read about one landmark from another country!
    3. Try a new food from another culture
    4. Do a virtual tour of a museum or zoo! 
  9. Chalk Challenger (do all 4!)
    1. Make a sidewalk mosaic
    2. Make a hopscotch board, and play with a family member or friend
    3. Write a positive message for someone walking by your home
    4. Make puffy sidewalk chalk (Stay tuned for a video!)
  10. Get Crafty (do 3!)
    1. Make a seek-and-find bottle (Stay tuned for a video!)
    2. Make an origami crane
    3. Make a paper chain snake! Don’t forget the forked tongue!
    4. Make a friendship bracelet. (Stay tuned for a video!)
  11. Doodlebug (Do 3!)
    1. Paint a rock and hide it for another person to find. (Stay tuned for a video!)
    2. Celebrate the 4th of July by making a firework painting (Stay tuned for a video!)
    3. Make a self-portrait
    4. Paint with bubbles!
  12. Get moving (do all 4!) 
    1. Do the library’s sidewalk “obstacle” course! – Stay tuned
    2. Ride your bike or scooter
    3. Have a dance party with your family
    4. Go for a walk
  13. Ada Twist, Scientist  (do 2!)
    1. Make Elephant Toothpaste
    2. Make a Volcano-and erupt it with baking soda and vinegar!
    3. Get a hard boiled egg into a bottle! 
    4. Make ~magic milk~ with milk, food coloring and dish soap
  14. Iggy Peck, Architect (do 2!)
    1. Build a living room fort
    2. Build an epic Lego structure
    3. Build a marshmallow catapult out of popsicle sticks!
    4. Make a domino falls course where the dominos knock over something besides dominos! 
  15. Rosie Revere, Engineer (do 2!)
    1. Make a 3D Star out of paper, straws or popsicle sticks.
    2. Build paper airplanes and have an airplane race. What kind is the best?
    3. Make a mechanical hand
    4. Build a bridge out of straws, popsicle sticks, and/or clothes pins. No glue or tape!
  16. Sofia Valdez, Future Prez (Do 3!) 
    1. Find out who your alderman is and send them a message with an idea for making your community better!
    2. Thank your mail carrier with a nice note or treat!
    3. Make & Post a video of yourself saying the Pledge of Allegiance!  Don’t forget to tag the library!
    4. Make a list of 10 things YOU would do if YOU were President!
  17. Splish Splash (Do 3!)
    1. Blow Bubbles
    2. Go swimming
    3. Play in the hose or sprinkler
    4. Have a water balloon fight
  18. Escape Artist
    1. Escape from 4 digital escape rooms (stay tuned for a list of possibilities)
  19. Not Bummer Summer (do two!)
    1. Make Ice Cream in a Bag
    2. Make S’mores
    3. Make Homemade Popsicles 
    4. Make a friendship bracelet
  20. Old School (do all 4!)
    1. Write (and mail) a letter to a friend! If you don’t know a friend’s address, the library’s address is 338 W Jefferson St, Auburn IL 62615!
    2. Make a fortune teller
    3. Learn to make the Jacob’s ladder out of the Cat’s Cradle (string)
    4. Learn a hand-slapping game & rhyme (ex: Miss Mary Mack)
  21. The Lorax (do 3!)
    1. Catch fireflies (don’t hurt them!)
    2. Grow flowers
    3. Make a bird feeder
    4. Find a way to reuse or repurpose something you would have thrown away
  22. Selfies on the Square (do all 4!)
    1. Take a selfie with the Centennial Bell!
    2. Take a selfie with the new Little Free Library!
    3. Take a selfie with our READ sign!
    4. Take a selfie at the Boy Scout Garden!